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Call Klever for professional carpet cleaning, stain removal and upholstery cleaning throughout east Auckland suburbs and surrounds. 

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Professional Carpet Cleaning In East Auckland

KLEVER offers thorough and reliable carpet cleaning in East Auckland. We also have stain removal specialists for all types of carpet and upholstery. From domestic to commercial and hospitality carpet, we clean carpets in every setting, such as offices, homes, hospitals, hotels, and more...

Whether your home needs it's annual carpet cleaning service or deep steam clean after years of build up, then look no further. We employ friendly, reliable and customer focused carpet cleaners. We're trained in using our purpose built equipment to deliver results the little guys can only dream of. We only use powerful truck mounted machines that have the strength and heat to remove 99% of the soiling in your carpet.

Our carpet technicians respect you and your property. We don't rush, our team take the time required to deliver the deepest clean humanly possible. 

So if you carpet is looking a little old and dull, or if you have some stains or odours that you can't get rid of, then call our East Auckland carpet cleaning professionals for the service and care you expect. 

Our Friendly Carpet Cleaners In East Auckland Cover...

  • Dannemora
  • Whitford
  • Highland Park
  • Farm Cove
  • Bucklands Beach
  • Somervile
  • Sunny Hills
  • Flatbush



About Carpet Cleaning – The Facts

How Long Does It Take To Clean & Dry

How long it takes to clean carpets involves several different factors. Weather, wind, and the skills of the carpet cleaner’s doing the job will all make a real difference.


  • Carpet cleaning most homes takes around 2 hours. Very dirty or big homes will take longer.
  • Most carpet dries within 2-4 hours. Old carpet or thick pile carpet can take up to 8 hours.
  • In most cases we can arrive at your home to clean the carpet the next day if needed
  • Wet weather will increase drying times of your carpet by around 50%.

How Much Does Carpet Carpet Cleaning Cost

The cost of carpet cleaning can vary greatly. The most important factor in carpet cleaning prices is the quality of the service you choose. Cheap carpet cleaners use low powered portable machines. The good ones use stronger truck mounts.


  • Carpet cleaning prices are determined by the area to be cleaned, the condition of the carpet and the number of stains that need to be removed.
  • The most important thing to consider is the quality of the work you want done. Saving a few bucks on a poor outcome is a waste.

What's The Best Carpet Cleaning Method

The best carpet cleaning method is hot water extraction also known as steam cleaning. Most carpet manufacturers recommend caring for their products using this method every 12-18 months.


  • The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method uses water that’s just below boiling point at 98.9 degrees Celsius. This is essential for breaking apart dirt and grease to be extracted with our powerful vacuum. 
  • Truck-mounted machines are the only machines with the power to reach deep into the carpet and extract maximum soiling and whisk away left over moisture.

Customer Testimonials

Thank you for an awesome job guys very friendly staff love Your work, our carpet looks good and will definitely contact you guys again in the futureread more
John Snow
John Snow
03:10 13 Mar 19
What a awesome job,I was ready to sell my lounge suite but then Shay came to the rescue 😲 and he did a fantastic job with my dining chairs and cream rug.I definitely recommend Shay ,wat a lovely guy.Happy#customerread more
Karen Kennedy
Karen Kennedy
05:32 22 Feb 19
Our carpets are fluffy like new and such new appearance. It's going to be a beautiful welcome when we enter for housewarming tomorrow!! We are definitely going to spread the word about your amazing job. We wanted to get our carpets fresh and like new and asked friends for a reliable carpet cleaning agency but we could not get any strong references. We then googled and could not get an appointment from any agency with a short notice. Klever personnel then agreed and I just relied upon the reviews and his genuine words. True to all the trust we had, Shane just did a magical job!!! Very thankful to Klever - when you choose Klever you are not just buying a carpet cleaning service, you are also getting a great trust and value more than what you would actually expect which money itself cannot afford!! Thank you - Yogita Kannanread more
Yogita Kannan
Yogita Kannan
19:39 30 Nov 18
What a great guy Che is,brilliant job,on time,stains removed,would highly recommend,thanks again☺
Kim Nielsen
Kim Nielsen
05:00 21 Nov 18
Great work Shane. Very happy with the result. Highly recommended.
Ken Franklin
Ken Franklin
06:31 15 Nov 18
Very klever and satisfactory work done on a very short notice. Must say wow Shane. Well done!!!
kaur banwait
kaur banwait
03:44 28 Sep 18
Excellent job, on time and good price. Highly recommend
Matt Jillings
Matt Jillings
19:39 26 Sep 18
I spilt a whole cup of coffee on my cream carpet and stupidly tried to remove it with soap and water, it’s just got worse and worse. I got in contact with Klever as it wasn’t going anywhere.I am so impressed with the time and commitment Klever put into removing the stain. I’ve have had experiences in the past with other companies where if it’s not gone straight away, the stain has ended up permanent. My carpet its back to normal 😊 I highly recommend Klever Carpet Cleaning and will only be using this company in more
Helen Rowe
Helen Rowe
22:50 15 Sep 18
My carpet is like new again!! Friendly team and superb service! Highly recommended!
Ken Ngan
Ken Ngan
02:42 12 Sep 18
My tenant left behind stains which their carpet cleaner didn't manage to get out, they said the chemical for the stain might make it worse off because they weren't sure what it was. So when I called these guys I didn't have high expectations, just wanted a second opinion.I was shocked that they managed to fade the stains so much so that they are hardly noticeable, and on cream carpet!I used to think all carpet cleaners must be the same, but when you need results you need a professional, not just a guy in a van with a machine. I will be using klever again, thanks for the awesome more
Lisa Yuyi
Lisa Yuyi
07:58 11 Sep 18
A+, these guys know their stuff. I actually got Klever in to fix the work that another cleaner hadn't done. We had already paid $150 for a 3 bedroom house and it ended up being pointless because the guy that came didn't remove half the stains and left the carpet feeling sticky!The guy from Klever explained that the first cleaner had left chemical in the carpet (probably because his machine was not strong enough) and that's why it was sticky. He also removed stains the first guy said were permanent and wouldn't come out (busted).Moral of the Story: Do yourself a favour a skip over Mr super cheap. After paying twice to fix a bad job, i know it's totally worth the extra $50 to get the job done by a professional more
Shane Beil
Shane Beil
03:47 30 Aug 18


What You Get With KLEVER Carpet Cleaning 

Your carpet will get a full steam clean & sanitizing from edge to edge. We will spot treat all small marks & stains as we work each room. Our professional technicians are always friendly and service minded wearing neat and clean uniforms.


Your carpet clean includes...

  • A specialised dirt-encapsulating pre-wash spray of all carpet based on it's type
  • Separate treatment & scrubbing or high traffic and dirty areas
  • Wall to wall cleaning with a truck mounted, 1,000 PSI steam injection & extraction carpet cleaning machine.


What's Included

  • Steam Clean & Sanitize All Carpet from corner to corner
  • Spot Treat Small Marks & Stains as we work each room
  • Professional Work & Friendly Service from a uniformed tech.

How it Works

  • Dirt-encapsulating pre-wash spray all carpet
  • Separately treat & scrub high traffic dirty zones
  • 1,000 PSI Steam injectection & extraction

What to Expect

  • Carpet that's as clean as humanly possible
  • Friendly and courteous service from a happy technician
  • Clean, dry & tidy after completion of work

Our Klever Carpet Cleaners Can Help With...

Carpet Cleaning

High pressure, high temperature professional carpet cleaning using the very best gold-standard in steam extraction equipment and safe non-toxic chemicals.

Stain Removal

We can remove stubborn carpet stains you thought were stuck in your carpet forever. Blood, vomit, wine, juice, urine and many more.let our skilled technicians get it out.

Mouldy Carpet

We can get rid of dark mould & mildew stains from carpet and upholstery. Humid Auckland weather is hard on soft surfaces on carpet that's been near wet windows. Let us make them new again.

Pet Odours

Call us to get rid of cat urine spots from your carpet. We can remove urine stains that go underneath your carpet into the underlay.  This requires specialist deep extraction equipment and skills. 

Upholstery Cleaning

We can rejuvenate faded and dirty upholstery on couches, chairs, recliners, and more using our special upholstery cleaning process. Don't let your favourite furniture get old and worn, keep it fresh and clean and lasting years.

Human Carpet Stains

Blood, vomit and poo stains on carpet require special treatment. We have specialist chemicals to remove the stain, sanitize the carpet and eliminate smells to stop them coming back.

Wet Carpet Restoration

Carpet flood restoration needs to be carried out immediately to avoid mould and your carpet turning smelly and permanently yellowing. Avoid the need for expensive replacement and get us on the job ASAP.

Carpet Protection

Protect your investment and extend the life of your carpet and go longer between cleans with our high-tech solvent based carpet protection. This is more than just scotch guard and chemically seals your carpet's fibres for maximum stain resistance!

Marine Carpet

We're equipped and insured for marine upholstery and boat carpet cleaning. We use specialty products to penetrate and whisk away oils, sunscreen and salt from your boat's soft surfaces. 


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