Today I’m answering the question, Is it worth paying for professional carpet cleaning in New Zealand?


YES! it is absolutely worth getting your carpets professionally cleaned. It kills germs, eliminates odours and extends the life of your carpet. Aside from the health and hygiene benefits, when clients see the results,  they usually wish they’d done it sooner! 

Why it’s really worth getting your carpets professionally cleaned:

Your carpet collects around 3 kg of dirt dust, grime, hair and dead skin every year.  Over time this changes your carpet’s pH from a slightly acidic state to a more alkaline one. In this alkaline state your carpet gets dirty even more quickly and loses it’s fluffiness and bounce causing it to become crushed and matted.

What Happens

Left untreated the build-up of these residues and the slow but steady matting of the carpet will damage it to the point that cleaning doesn’t restore it’s fluffiness and it remains crushed. By getting the carpets professionally cleaned you reset the clock on the carpets deterioration and get it back to it’s slightly acidic state that will protect it from stains and keep it bouncy and soft.

Can You Prevent It ?

Regular vacuuming helps, the more you do it the less particle matter settles and sticks to the carpet. This definitely helps  your carpet resist matting and also means minor spills clean off more easily.  but to really lift the stuff that’s deep down in the carpet and dissolve built up oily residues you need the power of commercial cleaning chemicals combined with steam extraction to make a difference.

What Professional Carpet Cleaners Do

Our chemicals are customized to the type of carpet you have and how dirty it is we spray them on and let them work for 15 minutes before coming through with the steam cleaning machine.

The chemicals have several functions. they dissolve and release dirt and oils from the carpet fibres, they sanitize and deodorize with antimicrobial agents and they make the steam cleaning more effective.

The reputable carpet cleaners also carry a range of specific stain removal chemicals. I stress reputable because the cheap guys often only have one or two chemicals on board if any. For example a Klever carpet technician carries chemicals for removing paint, oil, grease, rust marks, watermarks, vomit stains, feces, wine, red cordial, coffee, tea, and many other types of stain. 

The next reason people love professional carpet cleaning is the heat from our machines works the same way hot water works to clean your dishes.  The heat in the steam melts stubborn stains and old food spills. It also acts as a boosting agent to the chemical reactions taking place that we use to release the stain from the carpet.

When we combine heat and moisture with  the high powered suction of our machines we can breakdown, dissolve and then whisk away some really nasty stuff that no DIY home cleaning solution can match. 

Lastly, the smell and feel of home with freshly cleaned carpet is second to none. If you can recall the last time you had a big spring clean and got rid of all the dust and tidy the home.  Take the feeling and add 25% to it.  That’s the clean carpet bonus 😉

Conclusion About Professional Carpet Cleaning

So to sum up, professional carpet cleaning is a wise move because it will protect your investment in your carpet by extending its life. It will ensure your home is clean and hygienic and it keeps the place looking, smelling and feeling fresh and new even if you own pets or have kids making a mess.

So if it’s time to get your carpets professionally cleaned then give the team at Klever a call.

PS: If you want even more great information check out this american website. most of the information still applies to Kiwi home owners as well.