Remove Tea or Coffee Stains From Carpet & Upholstery

Our professional carpet cleaning technicians can help with coffee stain removal and tea stains as well.

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Our Coffee & Tea Stain Removal Experts Have Got You Covered

Coffee, tea and wine all contain tannins. Tannin is a natural vegetable dye found in many plants such as grapes, tea leaves, and tree barks. It’s what gives coffee and win their “bitter” taste. The tannins in tea and coffee spills are made even more difficult to remove because of the high temperature of the liquid being spilt. Removing a straight black coffee is one thing, add some cream and sugar and you have a cocktail of stains.

There’s a reason some coffees stains are harder to remove than others.  You see, decaffeinated coffees often have artificial colors added for appearance. Artificial coloring can be even tougher to remove than the coffee.

When we perform spot or stain removal on coffee or tea that has the colours and flavours added, we often have to use several alkaline based spotters in addition to the basic coffee spill.

When coffee or tea or other drinks with tannins are spilled on carpet, the heat of the beverage “opens” the carpet fibers and lets it to soak into the fibre. These hot spills bond with the fiber which makes removal difficult.

Time is of the essence, hours and days make the difference when it comes to getting these types of stains out.



KLEVER Carpet Cleaning in Auckland is the one-stop-shop for all of your carpet, rug and upholstery stain cleaning. We’re proud to be Auckland’s favourite carpet cleaners and stain removers.  Our team bring first-class service to all our customers.

Our 100% satisfaction guarantee means our friendly team of technicians have just what you need to get a stained carpet looking new again.

Stained carpets can be an eye-sore. Even if your house or office is clean and tidy, a few coffee stains on the carpet makes the place look messy and unclean. It definitely doesn’t leave the good impression you want to make on your guests. So let us do something about it.

If you’ve tried to remove the tea stain yourself, you’ll understand just how tedious and time-consuming it is. Not only is it nearly impossible without the right chemicals and tools, it’s potentially damaging to your carpets if done incorrectly!

When it comes to stain removal, many over the counter carpet cleaning products contain corrosive chemicals and bleaching agents. These products often end up damaging carpets while leaving stains. At KLEVER, we understand that cleaning a carpet thoroughly requires a multi-step approach.

Once we’re satisfied with the manual pre-cleaning, we move on to our steam injection and extraction machine. That’s where the magic really happens. During the final stage we deodorise and sanitise the carpets to kill nasty smells and germs. We also ensure that there’s very little moisture left behind so your carpets dry fast.

At KLEVER, we believe in providing perfect customer service every time. We use the very best steam cleaning equipment & chemicals available. We especially pride ourselves on the thorough and innovative methods we use to clean carpets.  The result is a clean, dry carpet that’s free of odours. You can be certain we won’t finish the job until your carpet is as clean as humanly possible.

We make sure that you get the stain out without wasting money on unnecessary treatments.
Our guarantee is that if we can’t get it out, it does’t come out. We work until the stain is as gone as it can be.
Your KLEVER technician is a pro. They work with you to get the best result possible. We’re committed to ethical business and never push useless products or services.

What You Get With Coffee & Tea Stain Removal

Your stain will get spot treated with the appropriate chemicals.  We then extract with steam, sanitizing the area. We will repeat the spot treatment until all marks & stains are removed. Our professional technicians are always friendly and service minded wearing neat and clean uniforms.

We respect you and your home and take care to leave no mess or damage. We’re here to help.


Our carpet cleaning process includes…

  • A specialised dirt-encapsulating pre-wash spray of all carpet based on it’s type
  • Separate treatment & scrubbing or high traffic and dirty areas
  • Wall to wall cleaning with a truck mounted, 1,000 PSI steam injection & extraction carpet cleaning machine.

What's Included

  • Steam Clean & Sanitize All Carpet from corner to corner
  • Spot Treat Small Marks & Stains as we work each room
  • Professional Work & Friendly Service from a uniformed tech.

How it Works

  • Dirt-encapsulating pre-wash spray all carpet
  • Separately treat & scrub high traffic dirty zones
  • 1,000 PSI Steam injectection & extraction

What to Expect

  • Carpet that's as clean as humanly possible
  • Friendly and courteous service from a happy technician
  • Clean, dry & tidy after completion of work