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Yes we can remove stains from carpet, fabrics, couches, chairs and other soft surfaces. Stains caused by food, people, pets and more.

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Coffee Stains

Coffee, tea and wine all contain tannins. Tannin is a natural vegetable dye found in many plants such as grapes, tea leaves, and tree barks.


Red Wine

Removing red wine stains is difficult because they contain rich colours and flavours along with compounds called tannins. Tannin is a natural vegetable dye found in many plants such as grapes, and tree barks.


Pet Stains

As much as we love our pets it’s hard to love the mess they sometimes make of our clean carpets and couches. If your furry friend has left you a smelly surprise then getting that stain out is going take some professional help.


Blood Stains

Our carpet technicians are trained in the removal of blood stains from carpet, fabric, upholstery and other soft surfaces. Blood spots in the carpet can be unsightly and you’ll have some odd looks from visitors if you don’t get them out asap.




Tea Stains

Coffee, tea and wine all contain tannins. Tannin is a natural vegetable dye found in many plants such as grapes, tea leaves, and tree barks. It’s what gives coffee and win their “bitter” taste.


Gum Stains

If you’re trying to get gum out of carpet or remove a gum stain then you’ve probably discovered that chewing gum is soft sticky and very difficult to remove from carpet.


Mould Stains

Your carpet can be at high risk for mould growth.  Mould only needs moisture, oxygen, a food source, and a porous surface to start growing.  Mould spores are found naturally in the air all around us.


Traffic Stains

High traffic areas are those sections of carpet in your home that cop extra wear and tear. The areas at the door to your home where dirt gets walked in from outside.


Serious Stain Removal Expertise

With enough meals being enjoyed at home, a few kids running around or a furry friend in the home, it’s almost certain you’ll need stain removal services from time to time.

You can call us when the mess is too big for the old Dyson. Leave the bad ones for the stain removal experts. We can clean up spilled red cordial, we can remove grease, paint and oil. Other carpet stains like vomit, blood, or pet mess can also be treated. To clean these sorts of carpet stains effectively requires chemicals and tools not available to most home owners.

When our technician works on the stains in your carpet, he’ll cover every square inch slowly and thoroughly. We’re 100% certain the job will be done to a high standard, and we want you to be as well. When it comes to getting a stain out, our technicians don’t take short-cuts.

Proper removal of stains also takes skills, knowledge, experience. Knowing when to apply heat and when not to, understanding your carpets pH levels, being able to identify materials and stain substances. You KLEVER technician will be armed with the latest information and equipment to attack even the toughest of stains.

Our Stain Removal Process:

  1. Identify and inspect the stain to determine a course of action. It’s important to know what stains require cold or hot extraction methods to avoid bigger problems.
  2.  Pre-treat and agitate the stain to get into the deep fibres and remove all traces of the spill or contamination.
  3. Steam injection and rapid extraction. Steam opens the carpet fibres to release stains that are deeply embedded. the rapid extraction whisks away the released stain molecules and leaves the carpet nearly dry.
  4. Lastly we apply and acid wash that stops resoiling and leave the carpet light and soft to the touch.

Compared to the cost of replacing carpet or losing your bond getting stain removal carried out is a no brainer.



Our guarantee is that if we can’t get the stain out, then it does’t come out. We’ll work until the stain is either gone or we can confirm it’s irreversible.


Your KLEVER technician will do whatever it takes to defeat the stain and not charge for unwarranted treatments. We’re committed to ethical business and never promote useless products or services.

What You Get With KLEVER Stain Removal

When we remove the stains from your carpet our technician will get down on his hands and knees and thoroughly treat the stain with the appropriate combination of chemicals, heat, agitation and extraction. He will spot and treat any small marks surrounding the stains because that’s the right thing to do.  Our professional carpet technicians treat your carpets and home with care and respect. Our technicians are always friendly and service minded and will be wearing neat and clean uniforms.


Your stain removal service includes…

  • Pre-treatment of the stain with the correct chemicals.
  • A specialised dirt-encapsulating pre-wash spray of the stain and surrounding area.
  • Further treatment & scrubbing of the affected area as needed.
  • Slow, deep hot steam extraction of the stain with a truck mounted, 1,000 PSI cleaning tool.
  • Repeating until stain is removed.
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