# Insider’s Guide to Auckland Carpet Cleaning


Auckland is home to a diverse range of carpet cleaning companies, each offering unique services to cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for deep steam cleaning, eco-friendly solutions, or same-day service, this guide will help you find the perfect carpet cleaner to keep your floors looking their best.

I write this guide as an expert veteran of the Auckland carpet cleaning industry, and a keen marketer with unique knowledge and insights. I believe there is a good fit for everyone out there. This guide is not to rank Auckland carpet cleaners from best to worst, or to say “I’m the best and everyone else is terrible.” I hope to give you real insights that will help you find the company that suits your needs the best. 

Note to Carpet Cleaners: If I missed you or you’re the owner of one of the businesses listed below, don’t get mad I’m talking about you, feel free to get in touch if I have missed something. 


# 1. Klever Carpet Cleaning


  • Google Rating: 5.0 – 191 reviews 
  • Contact: Phone: 0800 KLEVER  / 0800 883 837
  • Website: www.klever.co.nz  
  • Services: Residential steam cleaning especially high end homes that require extra care and attention, stain removal, upholstery cleaning as well as flood restoration. They also care for the soft interiors of some Auckland’s best known super yachts

Target Market:

  • Klever is a premium service best for home owners who care about the long term health of their carpet and home. People who are less price focused and simply want the best service and results possible.
  • Based on their reviews, they are known for going the extra mile to please their customers and get the best outcomes. This takes a bit longer than other service providers and so it costs a little extra, but their feedback suggests it’s worth the small extra investment if quality is what you’re after. 

Why Choose Klever:

  • Professional technicians and no contractors with clear procedures.
  • Premium service with lots of client communication.
  • Wall to wall 5 star reviews on all platforms (exceptional for the industry)


# 2. Elite Carpet Cleaning


  • Google Rating: 4.9  – 143 reviews
  • Contact: Phone: 0800 438 354
  • Website: www.GetElite.co.nz
  • Services: Commercial carpet cleaning, flood damage & restoration, odor control, stain removal.

Target Market:

  • Elite carpet cleaning are specialists in commercial carpet cleaning for offices and especially retirement homes. 
  • They also work with a lot of property managers both cleaning carpet and for emergencies like flooded carpet. 

Why Choose Elite Carpet Cleaning

  • Elite are known for their fair prices and their ability to get to emergency situations quickly.
  • They are well organized and have a solid 4.9 star reputation on Google. 
  • They do carry out residential work, but this is not their focus.


# 3. Jae


  • Google Rating: 4.7 – 59 reviews
  • Contact: Phone: 0800 225 55
  • Website: www.Jae.co.nz
  • Services: steam cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, drapes cleaning, stain treatment, upholstery cleaning and restoration, fabric protection, odour treatments, flood restoration, fire and smoke damage, and pest control

Target Market

  • Being over 50 years in the industry Jae is heavily involved in the insurance industry. They do residential carpet cleaning but they are more focused on insurance work for things like fire and flood damaged homes.
  • They have a lot of experience, but in my professional opinion their private customers are often 2nd best to the huge insurance companies that send them work.

Why Choose Jae Carpet Cleaning

  • If you have a job that requires a lot of equipment or a big team then Jae could be the solution for you. They are a huge business. 
  • If you’re needing work involving insurance claims there is a good chance Jae is who the insurer will send out. 


# 4. Hot & Steamy


  • Google Rating: 4.9 – 32 reviews
  • Contact: Phone: 0800 438 354 
  • Website:  www.hotandsteamy.co.nz
  • Services: Professional carpet cleaning, ceiling cleaning, upholstery cleaning

Target Market:

  • Hot & Steamy targets the residential market as well as marine services. They offer the unique service of ceiling cleaning which not many others do.

Why Choose Hot & Steamy:

  • Known for their ceiling cleaning service which is hard to find in Auckland
  • Small team that means better service and less chance of getting a employee or contractor having a bad day.


# 5. ChemDry


  • Google Rating: 4.5 – 73 reviews
  • Contact: Phone: 0800 KLEVER  / 0800 883 837
  • Website: www.chemdry.co.nz
  • Services: Residential carpet, upholstery cleaning and flood restoration.

Target Market:

  • ChemDry seems to be an everybody and anybody operation.  They are a huge global chain of franchisees who work with residential, commercial and insurance .Based on their reviews, they have good and bad franchisees so just make sure the person they send is one of the good ones. 

Why Choose ChemDry:

  • Being a global franchise the business has a lot of experience and knowledge, although based on their online feedback, the franchisees can vary a lot in experience and skill level so it can be a lucky dip.


# 6. Cleaning Pro


  • Google Rating: 4.3 – 285 reviews
  • Contact: 0800 405 670 
  • Website:  www.cleaningpro.co.nz
  • Services: these guys try to offer everything cleaning related. carpet cleaning, house cleaning, pressure washing etc.

Target Market:

  • This business does not specialize. They have people cleaning everything and anything.Their own marketing and advertising says they are a cheap, low cost provider of cleaning services. If you’re a renter needing to tick the box for the landlord and you’re not focused on quality they might be a good option.

Why Choose CleaningPro:

  • They are low cost, but this can often mean low quality as well unfortunately.
  • They have a lot of reviews but their rating is only 4.3 which means they have needed to win a lot of good reviews to balance out the poor reviews they receive.
  •  There are some seriously pissed off clients venting their anger on google. 


# 7. Carpet Surgeon


  • Google Rating: 4.4 – 44 reviews  
  • Contact: 0800 405 670 
  • Website:  carpetcleanerauckland.net.nz
  • Services: these guys are specialists. They do carpet and upholstery cleaning, but they are known for carpet patches and taking on unusual jobs that require rare expertise.

Target Market:

  • Based on their prices, website and marketing, carpet surgeon has targeted the premium or high end market with a clean look and brand for their vans and website. They only use portable machines though so if you need a deep and powerful clean of a big area then they may not be the best choice.

Why Choose Carpet Surgeon:

  • They are a small family run business meaning they will care about you more than the big operations
  • They have a lot of reviews but their rating is only 4.4. On closer inspection it looks like they may be the victim of some fake reviews too. 
  • The only red flag I see for these guys is the web URL doesn’t match their business name. This indicates they may not have earned their google rankings themselves but instead bought a marketing kit from someone who ranked the URL and then sold or rented it to the business.

How do you decide which of these carpet cleaners is right for you?

I hope this post goes some way to helping you choose the right carpet cleaner for your situation, armed with this information you should be able to make a smart, well informed choice that’s appropriate to your situation.