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Get Your Home’s Carpet & Upholstery As Clean As Humanly Possible. Call Klever Carpet Cleaning Auckland For Fresh Clean Carpet You’ll Love!




Why Choose Klever

The Klever team delivers the most thorough and reliable carpet cleaning in Auckland. We’re also experts in stain removal and upholstery cleaning. From domestic to commercial, to million dollar boats, we clean carpets in every setting.

Whether your home needs it’s annual carpet cleaning service or a deep steam clean after years of build up, look no further.

All our carpet cleaners are friendly, reliable, English speaking and customer focused. They’ve been personally trained by the owner to use our purpose built equipment to deliver results our competitors can only dream of. Using powerful truck mounted machines, We bring the strength and heat to remove 99.9% of the soiling in your carpet.

Our carpet technicians respect you and your property. We don’t rush. Our team will take the time required to deliver the deepest clean humanly possible.

So if your carpet is looking a little old and dull, or if you have some stains or odours that you can’t get rid of, then call the professionals for service and care you expect.

The Klever Difference

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You’ll get an accurate over the phone estimate, then before starting, your technician will assess your carpet & provide options to meet your needs.


Our trademark 6 step process uses safe non-toxic methods and chemicals. We’re the best choice for allergy sufferers and those wanting the deepest clean possible while keep their pets and family safe.

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All Klever technicians are well paid employees that are trained in the use of our tools and processes. Unlike our competitors, we NEVER fob your work off to contractors with substandard equipment or varying levels of skill.


We’re so sure you’ll love your Klever experience, we guarantee it. Our contentious staff will work until you’re happy. No gimmicks, no excuses. If something’s not right, tell us, and we’ll fix it ASAP.  *No Miracles Policy applies

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303 5-Star Reviews & Counting

Klever Central Auckland
Based on 101 reviews
These guys are magic, I have used them a couple of times now getting red stains out of my carpet and WOW Nardin absolutely rocks
Anette Gay
Anette Gay
21:53 19 Jul 24
Che was very professional he even came back a second time to give the stain another dose of liquid, as I misunderstood how long we had to leave before stain would go. My apologies to him and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you.
Murray Wright
Murray Wright
04:36 18 Jul 24
Efficient friendly service, removed a very difficult stain..
Rene Mclean
Rene Mclean
04:39 17 Jul 24
Carpet clean was fantastic, dried really quickly and the service exceeded our expectations. The technician was late but they mentioned this could be a possibility when we booked the job and they kept us up to date with live tracking which we really appreciated.
Annette McDonald
Annette McDonald
01:47 15 Jul 24
Quick, punctual, removed all stains and great to deal with! Would highly recommend!
jamie hogg
jamie hogg
07:03 09 Jul 24
Amazing service! I had 2 mattresses of which one had very old stains on it. They both came out looking like new! Don't try anyone else, this is THE company to use. So happy, thank you.
Christine Mullooly
Christine Mullooly
02:14 05 Jul 24
Klever Carpets did a great job - very efficient would definitely recommend them.
Janet Donovan
Janet Donovan
00:04 02 Jul 24
So happy with our sofa and mattress clean. Nadine did a beautiful job, highly recommend.
Darren M
Darren M
04:43 29 Jun 24
Super impressed with Klever Carpet Cleaning. Easy to book the job and great communication throughout. Nadine was wonderful and her work was outstanding. I would not hesitate to use your services again.
Brent Scott
Brent Scott
23:03 28 Jun 24
Prompt and very good job.
Dean Clisby
Dean Clisby
03:48 28 Jun 24
Pleasant workers who arrive on time and work quietly and efficiently. They have paddling on hoses so no walls are damaged and they wipe up any water drips. Very, very happy with the job done. I will use them again.
Nicoletta Bartoli
Nicoletta Bartoli
21:48 27 Jun 24
Che was great to deal with. He arrived early, worked quickly and efficiently - did a lovely job of our two average-sized bedrooms in under an hour! Totally recommended!
Sandra and Gus Schick
Sandra and Gus Schick
08:17 21 Jun 24
Awesome work! Thanks team
Jason Liu
Jason Liu
09:14 20 Jun 24
Could not have asked for a better experience. Che was on time and provided an excellent service. He is clearly an expert that takes pride in his work as my couches and carpet looked like new when he was finished, and he did his best to fit my budget. Highly recommend Klever Carpet Cleaning.
Deborah Donaldson
Deborah Donaldson
03:07 20 Jun 24
Great job - carpet came up beautifully.Efficient service and great communication.Will use you guys again. Thank you
Cathy Arnold
Cathy Arnold
19:33 14 Jun 24

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Our Most Popular Carpet & Upholstery Services

Carpet Cleaning

The very best high pressure, high temperature, professional service Auckland has to offer. We only use the gold-standard in steam extraction equipment and safe non-toxic chemicals.

Upholstery Cleaning

We rejuvenate tired & dirty couches, chairs, recliners, and more. using our special upholstery cleaning process. Let us keep your furniture fresh and clean and lasting years.

Stain Removal

We can remove stubborn carpet stains you thought were stuck in your carpet forever. Blood, vomit, wine, juice, urine and many more. Let our skilled technicians get it out.

Pet Urine Removal

Getting rid of cat & dog urine from carpet properly requires specialized knowledge, skills, chemicals and tools. Klever are leaders at removing dog urine & cat urine from carpet.

Failed DIY Attempts

Panicking after making a stain worse using home remedies or a DIY stain removal method from YouTube?  Get Klever to fix it for you. We can generally fix even the big mistakes

Odour Removal

Call us to get rid of cooking & pet smells from your carpet. We can remove smells & stains from deep in the carpet with specialist deep extraction equipment and skills.

Carpet & Bio-Hazards

Blood, vomit and poo stains on carpet require special treatment. We have specialist chemicals to remove the stain, sanitize the carpet and eliminate smells to stop them coming back.

Carpet Protection

Protect your investment and extend the life of your carpet & upholstery with our high-tech solvent based fiber protection.  More than just scotch guard it molecularly seals fibres for maximum stain resistance!

Marine Upholstery

We’re equipped and insured for marine carpet & upholstery cleaning. We use specialty products to penetrate and whisk away oils, sunscreen and salt from your boat’s soft surfaces.

Carpet Care FAQ’s

What Cleaning Method Do We Use ?

We do the gold standard of steam cleaning. The hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning uses water that’s 98.9 degrees Celsius. This heat is how we break apart dirt and grease from the carpet fiber to be extracted with our powerful vacuum.

Truck-mounted machines are the only machines with the power to reach deep into the carpet pile and extract maximum dirt and whisk away left over moisture. This leaves your carpet cleaner and dryer than little portable machines.

How Long Does It Take?

There are several different factors that determine how long the job will take. Weather, wind, and the skills of the carpet cleaner’s doing the job will all make a real difference.

Carpet cleaning for most homes takes around 2 hours. Dirtier carpet or large homes usually take longer. Most carpet dries within 2-4 hours. Old carpet or thick pile carpet can take up to 8 hours max.
Wet or cold weather generally increases drying times of your carpet by only 25%.

Prices For Getting You Carpet Clean

We use flat rate pricing meaning if you have a 4 bed house, you’ll pay the same as someone else who has a 4 bed house. On the day, our technician will examine your carpet and quote for any serious stains before commencing work.

The cost of carpet cleaning in Auckland can vary greatly. The most important factor in carpet cleaning prices is the quality of the service you decide on.  “Cheap” carpet cleaner companies use low powered portable machines with warm water and weak suction. The good ones use bigger and more powerful truck-mounted machines with water close to 100 degrees. In case you’re wondering, Klever’s prices start at $189.

Can Your Carpet Technicians Remove Stains?

YES! Our carpet technicians carry a broad range of specialised chemicals for treating various types of stains. We can remove, coffee, tea, blood, urine, food, grease and more. We will work until the stain is gone. We do have to mention that some things just don’t come out no matter what we try, but we can tell you if this is the case for you.

How Do I Pay ?

Payment is easy. All our vans have mobile eftpos terminals that accept all major credit cards and debit cards. Once we finish cleaning you can simply tap and pay. On occasions where your not present, payment can be made via phone or internet.

How Long Does It Take To Dry ?

Not as long as you think. Your carpet technician is trained to inject steam into your carpet twice, then extract it 4 times.  These extra strokes of powerful vacuum extraction remove all excess moisture leaving your carpet barely damp. On a nice day, your carpets should be dry by night fall. During rain or winter months drying times are about 20% longer, which is really only a few hours.

Our Expert Advice For Home Owners

Don't Use Vinegar & Baking Soda On Carpet

Every single week we get calls from home owners who have used vinegar and/or baking soda to try and fix stains on their carpet and have usually made things a lot worse in the process. The advice to do this is not coming from carpet experts, and doesn’t even account for the difference between wool & synthetic carpets. Professionals can fix most stains at a reasonable price, but once you put vinegar & baking soda on it, things get a lot more difficult (if not impossible) to rectify.

Don't Try DIY Carpet Stain Advice

Now I love a bit of DIY as much as the next guy. However the DIY advice online doesn’t even begin with most basic of questions such as, is the stain acid or alkaline based? or is your carpet wool or synthetic? Without knowing this information with certainty before you begin, anything you do to your carpet runs the risk of making a real mess of things.

The most common issues we find with DIY disasters are big watermarks left behind, bleaching of carpet, and caked on residues that couldn’t be removed without using powerful professional equipment.

Don't Use Normal Steam Cleaning for Pet Urine

Pet urine stains on carpet require specialised skills, chemicals and expertise to be removed properly. Pet urine contains Phosphorus, Uric acid, & other compounds called mercaptans that nature literally designed to smell strongly and stay in place for the pet to mark it’s territory with. We are fighting mother nature!

Without very specific chemicals being used, standard steam cleaning of pet urine stains will likely, re-activate the smell making it worse, lock in any visible marks, and make fixing the problem nearly impossible for the experts (you should have hired) Do not be “cheap” with urine issues. If someone offers to fix pet urine problems for less than $250 I would be very suspicious as to the quality of work you’re about to receive. 

Do Remove Stains ASAP

Most of our clients are amazed at what we can remove from their carpet IF they call us in quickly. Blood, feces, urine, vomit, red wine, ink, gum, kids play doh, makeup etc. can usually all be removed with 100% success and leave your carpets looking like nothing ever happened.

However, if you wait weeks or months to treat these difficult stain types, the chances of total success reduce more and more with each passing day. The moral of the story is don’t wait to get the experts in. If you want your carpet to look great and last a long time, early treatment of stains is an absolute must!

Do Read Online Reviews

All carpet cleaners are NOT created equal! If your carpet cleaner has bad or no online reviews then that should be a massive red flag. It is actually very hard to run a legitimate business in Auckland and have no online platform for people to review you. This means that it takes a deliberate effort on the part of business owners to hide the places they could be reviewed. If you hire a carpet technician that doesn’t want their previous customers talking about the service they provided, you’re asking for trouble, it’s that simple.

The same goes for bad reviews, most customers will only leave a bad review once they have tried to resolve the problem with the business and failed.  At Klever, we go above and beyond to deliver a customer experience that is consistently amazing and simply unrivalled. This is how we gained our 5 Star reputation across all review sites including Google, TradeMe, Facebook, Localist and others.

Do Get Carpets Cleaned Every 1-2 Years

Modern carpet should last 15-25 years before it starts looking worn out and in need of replacement. New manufacturing standards and processes produce a quality, hard wearing product that should last a very long time.

But, there’s catch! It must be properly maintained to extend it’s life this far. You see, when carpet is made, it comes out a little bit acidic on the pH scale. This is what makes new carpet so fluffy, nice to walk on, and stain resistant. Unfortunately, as we live our day to day lives in the home, cooking vapors, dust, bacteria and pollens drift around and settle on the carpet, slowly making it more and more alkaline. As the carpet becomes alkaline it looses it’s softness and becomes matted and easier to stain.

Professional carpet cleaning fixes this issue by firstly removing the contaminants causing the alkaline shift and simultaneously moving the carpet back to its more acidic state leaving it fluffy and more resistant to staining, thus extending its life and keeping it looking great for years to come.

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