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How Long Does It Take?

Short answer, 1-2 hours…  Every carpet is different of course. Generally, the bigger the area we have to clean the longer it will take. We know our cleaning process requires around 20 minutes setup and pre-treatment.

As an example: The average 3 bedroom home takes about 1 hour of cleaning time after setup.

How much does it cost?

We use flat rate pricing meaning if you have a 4 bed house, you’ll pay the same as someone else who has a 4 bed house. On the day, our technician will examine your carpet and quote for any serious stains before commencing work.

Can we remove stains?

YES! Our carpet technicians carry a broad range of specialised chemicals for treating various types of stains. We can remove, coffee, tea, blood, urine, food, grease and more. We will work until the stain is gone. We do have to mention that some things just don’t come out. We’d love to guarantee this service for you, but some stains can be tricky.

Do we accept card payments?

Absolutely. All our vans have a mobile payment terminals for your convenience. We can accept credit, eftpos, cash and check.

How long does it take to dry?

Not as long as you think. Your carpet technician is trained to inject steam into your carpet twice, then extract it 4 times.  These extra strokes of powerful vacuum extraction remove all excess moisture leaving your carpet barely damp. On a nice day, your caprets should be dry by night fall. During rain or winter months drying times are about 20% longer, which is really only a few hours.