That’s us, Klever Carpet Cleaning.

Why did we go with pink?  Why not, green, orange, blue, and red colour schemes were all taken by other companies so to stand out and be different we chose pink.

You see, our heavy duty branding and bright colours also work to convey our professionalism.  There are way too many carpet cleaners out there driving around in beaten up old vans with little or no signage. I don’t know about you, but some guy rocking up in no uniform in an unmarked van is a huge warning of a lack of professionalism. It says they don’t take the business seriously or run a well operated business.  If they care this little about their appearance, what will that mean for their service.

Our Bright pink vans with the big Klever logo on the side were designed to do several other things as well…



Standing out in a crowded market place isn’t easy. Using bright pink vans with bold logos 100% guarantee that we will be seen on the road by other potential customers and also by the neighbors of the homes and offices we clean.



Big sign-writing, prominent phone numbers and website means that when our pink van grabs your attention, you can easily see the way to contact us and enquire about your carpet cleaning job.



Having a marketing background, I believe in the power of creating a strong brand people can trust and recognize.  We have spent a lot of time and money perfecting our cleaning processes, getting the best tools and chemicals and creating a remarkable customer experience that fills our customers with confidence and satisfaction.  It’s hard to explain this to every person but wrapping our vans from head to toe, visually tells our customers we’re the pro’s.


So, if you’ve seen the pink vans driving around Auckland and thought to yourself it’s time to get your carpet cleaned then simply pick up the phone and call 0800 KLEVER to book your expert carpet technician today.