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Our smartly dressed Cockle Bay carpet cleaning technicians can help with stain removal and upholstery cleaning in Cockle Bay and the surrounding areas.

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Our Carpet Cleaners in Cockle Bay Are Professionals

Every house proud person understands the importance that a clean carpet brings. It’s almost impossible for a room to look immaculate when the carpet is a little worse for wear. If dull and dirty carpets are ruining the look of your home then you need carpet cleaning service to make it right.  Perhaps you hadn’t noticed until now, but take a closer look and you’ll see that your carpet is really not that clean!

KLEVER Carpet Cleaning in Cockle Bay can restore that brand-spanking-new look in no time. You’ll be amazed at what we can achieve in just a few hours – walking into the room will leave you with that satisfied feeling we all get after doing a good, deep clean.

We’re thrilled to be bringing our premium carpet cleaning services to the residents of Cockle Bay. Our carpet cleaning services satisfy a wide array of homeowner and landlord concerns. Whether you’re looking for a annual spruce up, or an end-of-tenancy cleaning, we’ve got you covered. We’re also able to tackle a range of tough and stubborn stains – so don’t think for a second that we can’t get that patch out.


How Dirty Is Your Carpet?

Get down on your knees and have a good look. Does your carpet match the cleanliness of the rest of your house? probably not. Even if it looks clean to the eye, the reality is that your carpet absorbs up to five pounds of dust, dead skin cells, hair, dust mites and other microbes every year! If you have a pet, this number can triple! Are you grossed out yet? You should be.

If you or your loved ones suffer from allergies or asthma, this could very well be an aggravating cause. Even if you have the latest fancy steaming vacuum, you’re not really getting the nasties out of the carpet. Regular carpet cleaning by professionals is the best way to get your carpets free of that yucky stuff.

Maintaining a clean carpet at home is not only good for your health, it’s also good for the wallet.  Regular carpet cleaning will extend the life of your expensive carpets. Matting is caused by fibres and hair getting stuck in carpets, which leads to a rough and undesirable texture. Removing these contaminants means your carpets stay soft, fluffy and luxurious for years to come.

But it takes heavy machinery and a lot of industrial know-how to get the job done properly.


Don’t DIY

Some resourceful homeowners attempt to clean their carpets with rented equipment, but the end result is miles from what KLEVER can offer. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should – unless you want to spend all day moving furniture, damage your carpets, and end up with a soppy carpet that’s still dirty and won’t dry.

Carpets cleaned by KLEVER are as close to new as possible Our multi-step carpet cleaning system means a thorough cleaning. We guarantee we’ll remove all the dirt and grime you can see, as well as the allergens that you can’t. You’ll be amazed at the difference. After we’re done, you’ll be left with a squeaky clean carpet for the kids to play on. Say bye-bye to allergies, sniffles and asthma and hello to a luxuriously soft and clean carpet under your feet.


Call Klever If You Want Clean Carpets

Now that you understand the need for a good carpet cleaning (and I hope you do), you’ll want to get the best team in for a really thorough job. You see, our experienced cockle bay carpet cleaners are experts at what they do. They know  precisely which detergents are needed, and they know how much pressure to apply for particular areas. Do you? Didn’t think so – so don’t be foolish and give us a call. Carpets dry within hours of us cleaning them, so you can resume being comfortable in little to no time.

When you call the experts at Klever, you’ll receive the following services from friendly uniformed technicians:

  • A thorough dirt-encapsulating pre-wash spray of all carpets
  • Spot treating for small marks & stains as they’re discovered
  • Separate treatment & pre-scrubbing of dirty & and high-traffic areas
  • Wall-to-wall cleaning with a truck mounted, 1,000 PSI steam injection & extraction machine
  • Professional attitude and satisfactory service


Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re simply the best carpet cleaning service in Cockle Bay, so call us today for any of the following services:

  • General Carpet Cleaning
  • Stain Removal
  • Mouldy Carpet Restoration
  • Pet Odour Removal
  • Rug & Mat Cleaning
  • Removal of Human Stains
  • Wet Carpet Restoration
  • Carpet Protection

We help you spend enough to get the result you desire without wasting money on unnecessary treatments.


Our guarantee is that if we can’t get it out, it does’t come out. We work until the upholstery is as good as it can be.


Your KLEVER technician will always work with you to get the best result for your budget. We’re committed to ethical business and never push useless products or services.

What You Get With KLEVER Carpet Cleaning

Your carpet will get a full steam clean & sanitizing from edge to edge. We will spot treat all small marks & stains as we work each room. Our professional technicians are always friendly and service minded wearing neat and clean uniforms.


Your carpet clean includes…

  • A specialised dirt-encapsulating pre-wash spray of all carpet based on it’s type
  • Separate treatment & scrubbing or high traffic and dirty areas
  • Wall to wall cleaning with a truck mounted, 1,000 PSI steam injection & extraction carpet cleaning machine.

What's Included

  • Steam Clean & Sanitize All Carpet from corner to corner
  • Spot Treat Small Marks & Stains as we work each room
  • Professional Work & Friendly Service from a uniformed tech.

How it Works

  • Dirt-encapsulating pre-wash spray all carpet
  • Separately treat & scrub high traffic dirty zones
  • 1,000 PSI Steam injectection & extraction

What to Expect

  • Carpet that's as clean as humanly possible
  • Friendly and courteous service from a happy technician
  • Clean, dry & tidy after completion of work

KLEVER Carpet Technicians Can Help With...

Carpet Cleaning

High pressure, High temperature steam extraction using commercial chemicals.


Stain Removal

We can remove stubborn stains you thought were stuck in your Carpet forever.



Moldy Carpet

Get rid of dark mold & mildew on carpet that's been near wet windows.



Pet Odours

Get rid of dog smells and cat urine from your carpet with our special odour treatments.



Rugs & Mats

We can rejuvenate faded and dirty rugs and mats using our special rug cleaning process.

Human Carpet Stains

Blood, vomit and feces stains on carpet require special treatment. All our vans carry the required chemicals.



Wet Carpet Restoration

Heavily drenched carpet needs to be treated and dried immediately to avoid smell, yellowing and the need for replacement.

Carpet Protection

Extend the life of your carpet and go longer between cleans with our high-tech solvent based carpet protection. This is more than just scotch guard!

Marine Carpet

We can clean the carpet and cushions in your boat or car. We use speciality products for these applications.


"Call KLEVER today to experience the very best in service & results. We guarantee it!"


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