• What really is the difference between cheap and expensive carpet cleaning services?

  • Are you looking for an answer to the question of Auckland carpet cleaning prices and why there is such a difference between companies?

  • Armed with the information below, you should be able to make a smart, well informed choice that’s appropriate to your situation.


Cheap Vs expensive, which is best?

It’s a really good question. Expensive carpet cleaning and cheap carpet cleaning can seem the same on the surface, but can be worlds apart in what you actually get, the experience you recieve, and the final results delivered by the carpet cleaner.

The fact is, when it comes to carpet cleaning, you mostly get what you pay for.  Low price services generally don’t have the best equipment and often rush through each job because it’s the only way to make money. Premium carpet cleaners on the other hand don’t need to rush. They’re charging enough to justify the time and care needed to do the best job possible.

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 types of carpet cleaners in Auckland you will find. The thing you need to know is that not all carpet cleaners are created equal.

Mr Cheap

  • Your $99 from Mr Cheap sounds great. Mr cheap is a “churn & burn” operation. He quotes low prices to win then job, then he has to rush through 4, 5, or even 6, jobs in a day to make some profit.  He mostly just goes “through the motions” of cleaning. He doesn’t go slowly over dirtier areas to ensure proper extraction. he doesn’t go back over the wet carpet 3 times to extract left over water to make the carpet dry faster. He doesn’t treat different carpets in different ways depending on their type and condition. He probably doesn’t do stain removal, he might not use the best or any chemicals. There’s also a high chance he’ll be using a small portable machine that comes into the house. These machines are WEAK compared to high powered truck mounted cleaning machines. This has a large impact on results. He certainly doesn’t get lots of repeat business or good online reviews.


Mr Middle:

  • Mr middle can be a good option for many price conscious homeowners and even more so for tenants. He is charging a around 50% more than mr Cheap but he is much better value. Because of this, he charges a bit more he can make the same money in 3-4 jobs as Mr Cheap makes in 6 jobs. Because of this, he takes a bit more time and care to do the job properly. He balances service with price and gets most little marks and stains out of the carpet as he goes. He should do the job properly without going to extremes in regards to customer service or fancy extras.  There is a warning here. Check his online reviews. Because most businesses operate in the middle price bracket for their industry there can be big variations in service levels. Mr Cheap virtually guarantees a bad job where as Mr Middle could go either way.


Mr Premium:

  • This is who you want. If you’re the landlord or the owner of the property then you care most about it being treated properly by an expert. Mr Premium is amazing if you can afford him. His vans are well branded and in good condition. He lays on the extra special treatment to justify the higher price. He’ll do all sorts of stuff like, pre-vacuum before deep cleaning, do extra treatments on high traffic areas, he will use commercial grade deodorizers to eliminate smells and other mess from pets, kids, and spills. He has a wide range of (sometimes) expensive chemicals to treat and get rid of every kind of stain. He is fully insured, properly trained, and WON’T damage the property by dragging hoses against walls or banging furniture with his cleaning wand. Importantly, he’s able to pay a good wage to hire the best technicians. Well paid technicians are motivated to be conscientious and always do the right thing.

So now you know about the 3 types of carpet cleaners in Auckland… 

How do you decide which of these carpet cleaners is right for you?

Mr Cheap is not the right solution for anyone. He is actually the biggest “rip off” of them all.  He is charging for a service that’s barely better than your regular vacuum cleaner. You’ll be left with stains that should have easily been remove and if you’re a tenant, the landlord may still make you pay for his GOOD carpet cleaner to come and do the job properly.

Mr Middle is probably the best choice for Tenants of rental properties.  As long as you use a good reputable carpet cleaner he should deliver a good clean, get out most stains and make sure your bond isn’t lost due to dirty carpet. If you want to save money on carpet cleaning this is probably your best bet.

Mr Premium is the best choice for landlords and owner occupiers. I say this for 2 main reasons. First, you care more about your property and how it looks because it’s yours.  For the sake of saving $50 – $150 dollars every 2 years when you get the carpets cleaned why not spend the little bit extra on Mr Premium and get the best job done, and the cleanest carpet possible. The second reason is pure financial. You want your carpet to last as long as possible because it’s expensive to replace. By choosing a professional you extend the life of your carpet enormously. Mr Premium extracts more water so your carpet dries faster leaving less time for possible damage from dampness. He also knows about pH levels in carpet and leaves your carpets slight acidic after cleaning. This is the best way to keep your carpet feeling soft, staying clean and lasting over 15 years.

I hope this post goes some way to helping you choose the right carpet cleaner for your situation, armed with this information you should be able to make a smart\, well informed choice that’s appropriate to your situation.