Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Glenfield

Get The Very Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service in Glenfield

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Professional Carpet Cleaning Glenfield

Get The Very Best Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Service in Glenfield

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Our Carpet Cleaning Reviews

This is the second time I’ve used Klever for their carpet cleaning services, and they delivered once again. I had tenants moving into my property and needed a quick turnaround with this job. Klever accommodated my urgent request and I was very happy with the results. Highly recommend 🙂
Verity Vincent
Verity Vincent
10:57 01 Feb 22
Guy who I booked it with was patient and knowledgeable and they managed to fit me in quickly. On the day they let me know when they were on their way and then the whole service and follow up was great. Looks so much better now and the nasty smell is completely gone. Highly recommend.
Charlotte Pridham
Charlotte Pridham
07:18 25 Jan 22
Well where do I start, easy booking system...prompt response with flexible times to suit my busy days....we had a few nightmare stains of which after a bit of hard work and seemly magical chemical the carpets looked brand new.Generally I would not bother writing reviews however this company really went the extra mile to accommodate, along with a honest reliable service.Highly recommend to anyone who’s looking to revive pet marked rugs carpet and furniture!
Hayden Taylor
Hayden Taylor
10:13 06 Sep 19


We specialize in cleaning residential carpet and upholstery in Takapuna.  After working for the competition I designed Klever from the ground up to be better than all the rest.  Our happy clients already know our communication, tools, processes, service and results are second to none. If you want the job done right, look no further than the Glenfield carpet cleaning experts @Klever.

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Before beginning, your carpet technician will thoroughly assess your carpet & provide options designed to meet the specific needs of home owners in Glenfield


Our trademark 6 step carpet cleaning process uses only the very best in safe non-toxic methods and chemicals. Ideal for allergy sufferers and those wanting the deepest clean possible while keep their pets and family safe.


Not home weekdays? Want to leave us a key? Have some other unique requirement? Our staff will work with you to fit into your schedule.


We work until your happy. period. No gimmicks, no excuses. If something not right, tell us, and we’ll fix it.  *No Miracles Policy applies

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Our Klever Carpet Cleaners Can Help With...

Carpet Cleaning

High pressure, high temperature professional carpet cleaning using the very best gold-standard in steam extraction equipment and safe non-toxic chemicals.

Upholstery Cleaning

We can rejuvenate faded and dirty upholstery on couches, chairs, recliners, and more using our special upholstery cleaning process. Don't let your favourite furniture get old and worn, keep it fresh and clean and lasting years.

Stain Removal

We can remove stubborn carpet stains you thought were stuck in your carpet forever. Blood, vomit, wine, juice, urine and many more.let our skilled technicians get it out.

Pet Urine Removal

Getting rid of cat & dog urine from carpet properly requires specialized knowledge, skills, chemicals and tools. Klever are experts at removing dog urine & cat urine from carpet



Failed DIY Attempts

If you're panicking after making a stain worse from trying home remedies or a DIY stain removal method from YouTube, just call us to come around and fix it for you. We can generally fix even the big mistakes

Pet Odours

Call us to get rid of cat urine spots from your carpet. We can remove urine stains that go underneath your carpet into the underlay.  This requires specialist deep extraction equipment and skills.

Carpet & Bio-Hazards

Blood, vomit and poo stains on carpet require special treatment. We have specialist chemicals to remove the stain, sanitize the carpet and eliminate smells to stop them coming back.

Carpet Protection

Protect your investment and extend the life of your carpet and go longer between cleans with our high-tech solvent based carpet protection. This is more than just scotch guard and chemically seals your carpet's fibres for maximum stain resistance!

Marine Upholstery

We're equipped and insured for marine upholstery and boat carpet cleaning. We use specialty products to penetrate and whisk away oils, sunscreen and salt from your boat's soft surfaces.

Carpet Cleaning Service FAQ's

What Cleaning Method Do We Use ?

The hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning uses water that’s 98.9 degrees Celsius. This heat is how we break apart dirt and grease from the carpet fiber to be extracted with our powerful vacuum.

Truck-mounted machines are the only machines with the power to reach deep into the carpet pile and extract maximum dirt then whisk away left over moisture.

How Long Does It Take?

There are several different factors that determine how long the job will take. Weather, wind, and the skills of the carpet cleaner’s doing the job will all make a real difference.

Carpet cleaning for most homes takes around 2 hours. Dirtier carpet or large homes usually take longer. Most carpet dries within 2-4 hours. Old carpet or thick pile carpet can take up to 8 hours max.
Wet or cold weather generally increases drying times of your carpet by only 25%.

Carpet Cleaning Prices

We use flat rate pricing meaning if you have a 4 bed house, you'll pay the same as someone else who has a 4 bed house. On the day, our technician will examine your carpet and quote for any serious stains before commencing work.

The cost of carpet cleaning in Auckland can vary greatly. The most important factor in carpet cleaning prices is the quality of the service you decide on. Cheap carpet cleaners use low powered portable machines. The good ones use stronger truck mounted machines. Our carpet cleaning prices start at $175.

Can Your Carpet Technicians Remove Stains?

YES! Our carpet technicians carry a broad range of specialised chemicals for treating various types of stains. We can remove, coffee, tea, blood, urine, food, grease and more. We will work until the stain is gone. We do have to mention that some things just don't come out no matter what we try, but we can tell you if this is the case for you.

How Do I Pay ?

Payment is easy. All our vans have mobile eftpos terminals that accept all major credit cards and debit cards. Once we finish cleaning you can simply tap and pay. On occasions where your not present, payment can be made via phone or internet.

How Long Does It Take To Dry ?

Not as long as you think. Your carpet technician is trained to inject steam into your carpet twice, then extract it 4 times.  These extra strokes of powerful vacuum extraction remove all excess moisture leaving your carpet barely damp. On a nice day, your carpets should be dry by night fall. During rain or winter months drying times are about 20% longer, which is really only a few hours.

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